Part of speech: adjective

Supplied with teeth; indented.

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Usage examples "toothed":

  1. He constantly drew one and the same landscape: in the foreground were large, dishevelled trees, in the distance, a meadow, and saw- toothed mountains on the horizon. - "A Nobleman's Nest", Ivan Turgenieff.
  2. A final word remains to be said about toothed birds, which is, that the visitor who looks upon one for the first time will probably be disappointed. - "Animals of the Past", Frederic A. Lucas.
  3. Why, once when the ground was frozen hard, and I was dying inch by inch, some fierce- toothed Animal inside me biting, biting- only of course it was the hunger chewing at my stomach- I dove fair through the window of a log shack to get at the meat inside. - "The Sa'-Zada Tales", William Alexander Fraser.