Part of speech: noun

A male cat.

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Usage examples "tomcat":

  1. " Bill" had forgotten all about it, and knew that there ought to be only one tiger- striped tomcat about the place, whereas his eyes told him there were two. - "Down the Columbia", Lewis R. Freeman.
  2. Dey fling 'im in, continued Uncle Remus, en Brer Rabbit light on he foots, same ez a tomcat, en pick his way out by de helps er de walkin'- cane. - "Nights With Uncle Remus", Joel Chandler Harris.
  3. There was nothing of John in this girl, of that fat Tomcat- like man, with no more brain than was necessary to peer into watches and repair jewelry, to look with half an eye at current events and grow into increasing content on the same small patch of earth. - "The Rustle of Silk", Cosmo Hamilton.