Part of speech: noun

A prolonged declamatory outpouring, as of censure.

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Usage examples "tirade":

  1. But the Chanson having a special formal peculiarity- the assonanced or rhymed tirade- survived the new influence better than the other two, and keeps its name, and to some extent its character, while the Romances of Arthur and antiquity are simply lost in the general body of tales of adventure. - "A Short History of French Literature", George Saintsbury.
  2. But whilst he stood frowning and perplexed at the end of that long tirade, it was Rosamund who gave Sir Oliver his answer. - "The Sea-Hawk", Raphael Sabatini.
  3. Thinking Lem had ended his tirade, Scraggy made a motion to rise. - "From the Valley of the Missing", Grace Miller White.