Part of speech: verb

To make a series of quick, slight, metallic sounds.

Part of speech: noun

A sharp, clear, tinkling sound.

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Usage examples "tinkle":

  1. Chicken Little watched the clock anxiously, starting up at every distant tinkle of sleigh bells. - "Chicken Little Jane", Lily Munsell Ritchie.
  2. But Plank's appetite was in proportion to the generous lines on which nature had fashioned him, and she paid less and less attention to convention and a trifle more to the beauty of Agatha's jewels, until the silence at the small table in the corner remained unbroken except by the faint tinkle of silver and crystal and the bubbling hiss of a glass refilled. - "The Fighting Chance", Robert W. Chambers.
  3. For at the first silver tinkle they saw Rouletabille shake himself, and raise his head, with his face alight and his eyes shining. - "The Secret of the Night", Gaston Leroux.