Part of speech: verb

To slap heavily; whack.

Part of speech: noun

A blow with a flat instrument.

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Usage examples "thwack":

  1. Seeing which, his antagonist dealt him a thwack that made his head spin, and nearly lost him his footing. - "Five Little Peppers at School", Margaret Sidney.
  2. We joy to behold one tiny figure belaboring another with his solid club or to follow the vicissitudes of a bout at single- stick, when both combatants thwack lustily at each other's wooden heads. - "A Book About the Theater", Brander Matthews.
  3. The big boat, which must have weighed close to half a ton, came off its flat car like a paper shallop, but the resounding thwack with which her bows hit a switch- frog awakened Blackmore's concern. - "Down the Columbia", Lewis R. Freeman.