Part of speech: adjective

Producing or resembling thunder.

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Usage examples "thunderous":

  1. It still looks kinder thunderous to me off in the West, so don't go far." - "The Old Gray Homestead", Frances Parkinson Keyes.
  2. The applause was so thunderous that the performers were obliged to beg the audience to use self- restraint and limit the noise, for fear one of the mistresses should feel in duty bound to pay a surprise visit, and be scandalized at the costumes. - "The Princess of the School", Angela Brazil.
  3. The close air, the musty smell, and the thunderous rumbling in the streets above, as being, out of the routine of ordinary life, went well enough with the picture of pretty Marguerite holding her own against those two. - "No Thoroughfare", Charles Dickens and Wilkie Collins.