Part of speech: adjective

Worn so that the threads show, as a garment; clad in worn garments.

Part of speech: adjective

Commonplace; hackneyed.

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Usage examples "threadbare":

  1. Its form was still very crude, but it was nevertheless a story and a broader field for entertainment than was provided by the threadbare lives of the saints. - "Paul and the Printing Press", Sara Ware Bassett.
  2. I think that my bedroom carpet was threadbare and that the bed was a feather bed; at all events one slept sublimely there under the roof, under the London stars. - "Far Off Things", Arthur Machen.
  3. The uniform he wore showed signs of some attempt to keep it in repair, and to its threadbare collar still clung a tarnished insignia: the seven- pointed star, emblem of the enemy Allan had fought on a yesterday that was two decades gone. - "When the Sleepers Woke", Arthur Leo Zagat.