Part of speech: adjective

Full of thorns; painful; vexatious.

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Usage examples "thorny":

  1. He pointed out the hard and thorny path I should have to tread, but when he saw I was resolved on the attempt, he put his hand on my shoulder and said, " There is no young man in the movement I would sooner welcome." - "Reminiscences of Charles Bradlaugh", George W. Foote.
  2. As they walked the little boy saw that two roads ran along together, one thorny and the other smooth. - "Philippine Folk-Tales", Clara Kern Bayliss, Berton L. Maxfield, W. H. Millington, Fletcher Gardner, Laura Watson Benedict.
  3. Annoyed by thorny bushes which teethed into her jacket, she turned to protest to Penny that the roses were not worth the trouble it would take to gather them. - "Swamp Island", Mildred A. Wirt.