Part of speech:

A system of mystical speculation applied to deduce a philosophy of the universe; in modern use, a system that claims to embrace the essential truth underlying all systems of religion, philosophy, and science.

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Usage examples "theosophy":

  1. His higher teaching is theosophy with no taint of theology. - "The Function Of The Poet And Other Essays", James Russell Lowell.
  2. And yet the same people that ridicule Spiritualism, Theosophy and Psychology, believe in the ten plagues of Egypt and the passage of the children of Israel through the Red Sea. - "The Woman's Bible Part I. Comments on Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy. Part II. Comments on the Old and New Testaments from Joshua to Revelation.", Elizabeth Cady Stanton.
  3. When he arrived at his resolve, he went away: what the resolve was, and where he was going, whether to High or Low, to Rome or Islington, to Church or Dissent, or even to Mohammed or Theosophy, or what not, or nothing, nobody asked. - "Father Stafford", Anthony Hope.