Part of speech: adverb


Part of speech: noun


Part of speech: adjective

Irritable; quick tempered.

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Usage examples "testy":

  1. In the course of his harangue he happened to mention the word epaulement, upon which the testy gentleman asked the meaning, of that term. - "The Adventures of Roderick Random", Tobias Smollett.
  2. The piece opens with a quarrel between the testy old bourgeois, Pandolphe, and his daughter, Isabelle, who, being in love with a handsome young suitor, obstinately refuses to obey her father's commands and marry a certain Captain Matamore, with whom he is perfectly infatuated. - "Captain Fracasse", Theophile Gautier.
  3. That heap of age which I should reverence If it were temperate: but testy years Are most contemptible. - "The Maids Tragedy", Francis Beaumont and John Fletcher.