Part of speech: noun

The earth; earth.

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Usage examples "terra":

  1. So it was done, down in that Hampshire household on the heights near the downs, whence you might behold, off a terra firma resembling a roll of billows, England's big battle- ships in line fronting the island; when they were a spectacle of beauty as well as power: which now they are no more, but will have to be, if they are both to float and to fight. - "The Complete Project Gutenberg Works of George Meredith", George Meredith.
  2. Nor was he astonished that even in the wan light those brick- dust cheeks should deepen to terra- cotta, those hard blue eyes glitter with recognition, and the small thin- lipped mouth lose for a moment its immobility and gape, yes, gape, in the amazement of meeting somebody whom he never could have expected to meet at such an hour in such a place. - "The Altar Steps", Compton MacKenzie.
  3. The Santa Casa, or Inquisition of Goa, is situated on one side of a large square, called the Terra di Sabaio. - "The Phantom Ship", Captain Frederick Marryat.