What does the word tepid mean?

Usage examples for tepid

  1. By way of house- warming, Hulda had ordered in baked potatoes and liver from the cook- shop, and there were also three tepid slices of plum- pudding. – Dreamers of the Ghetto by I. Zangwill
  2. Here the tepid bath for ten or fifteen minutes, coupled with the application of cold to the head, will soothe the excitement and prevent the return of the convulsions. – The Mother's Manual of Children's Diseases by Charles West, M.D.
  3. The effects, however, of sea- bathing upon such a constitution must be particularly watched, for unless it is succeeded by a glow,- a feeling of increased strength,- and a keen appetite, it will do no good, and ought at once to be abandoned for the warm or tepid bath. – The Maternal Management of Children, in Health and Disease. by Thomas Bull, M.D.