Part of speech: noun

An opinion; doctrine.

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Usage examples "tenet":

  1. One chain of hills in their country bears the name " Solomon's Mountains," another " Amram Chain," and the most warlike tribe is called Ephraim, while the chief tenet of their law is " eye for eye, tooth for tooth." - "Jewish Literature and Other Essays", Gustav Karpeles.
  2. The talisman to secure this continuance was discovered in the tenet of papal infallibility, and to make this into a dogma and foundation- principle of the Church has been the grand object to which the thoughts and measures of the last ten years have been directed. - "Letters From Rome on the Council", Johann Joseph Ignaz von Döllinger.
  3. To this onslaught Socrates: Antiphon, it is a tenet which we cling to that beauty and wisdom have this in common, that there is a fair way and a foul way in which to dispose of them. - "The Memorabilia Recollections of Socrates", Xenophon.