Part of speech: noun

Tenants collectively.

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Usage examples "tenantry":

  1. In America the wage- earners were becoming proletarians, and the farmers fast sinking into the state of a tenantry. - "Equality", Edward Bellamy.
  2. Henceforth it shall be war to the knife between me and my tenantry, as well as yours. - "Rossmoyne", Unknown.
  3. The effect of such sentiments in a squire among an illiterate tenantry may be readily imagined; the ignorant Italian gentleman justifies theology by the astounding proposition that all sentient creatures below man have been provided with a set of non- sensitive nerves; the rustic finds in the pleasure which it affords him to know that this proposition is untrue an ampler justification of the ways of Providence. - "Rome", Mildred Anna Rosalie Tuker Hope Malleson.