Part of speech: adjective

Without a tenant; unoccupied.

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Usage examples "tenantless":

  1. Against him the young lions roar, 15 Give forth their voice, And his land they lay waste, Burned are his towns and tenantless. - "Jeremiah", George Adam Smith.
  2. And then, as they stood there in silence, Gerald, looking beyond the still, swathed figure stretched out before him, allowed his eyes to rest on these black boxes, each containing one poor tenantless shell of humanity, from which the unquenchable spirit of man had been suddenly, violently expelled: and as he looked, he missed something that should have been there- the sign, the symbol, of the cross. - "The End of Her Honeymoon", Marie Belloc Lowndes.
  3. The answer to this inquiry was unheard, as the pair passed on to the tenantless chamber. - "Guy Rivers: A Tale of Georgia", William Gilmore Simms.