Part of speech: adverb


Part of speech: adjective

Secular; earthly; transient.

Part of speech: adjective

Pertaining to or situated at the temple or temples.

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Usage examples "temporal":

  1. The Commons gained the stature of the Lords and statutes were regularly enacted by the " assent of the lords spiritual and temporal and the commons", instead of at the request of the Commons. - "Our Legal Heritage, 4th Ed.", S. A. Reilly.
  2. Can you call yourself the saviour of those two men from temporal death? - "Twenty-Four Short Sermons On The Doctrine Of Universal Salvation", John Bovee Dods.
  3. Now, mother, said Mr. Yocomb, since thee did so little for friend Morton's spiritual man, see what thee can do for the temporal. - "A Day Of Fate", E. P. Roe.