Part of speech: noun

A mark in some games; in golf, a little heap of earth from which a ball is played.

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Usage examples "tee":

  1. Above the whale are seen the head and wings of the giant Kulakula the Tee- tse- kin the Thunder Bird which dwells aloft. - "Indian Legends of Vancouver Island", Alfred Carmichael.
  2. It was on this same course that two players went out one morning to play, and found a friend waiting alone on the first tee, who said that he had fixed up a match with a certain Captain Blank, who would be coming along presently. - "The Complete Golfer [1905]", Harry Vardon.
  3. Lin spoke as if to herself: Well, I'll be tee- to- tully durned. - "Watch Yourself Go By", Al. G. Field.