What does the word taxable mean?

Usage examples for taxable

  1. The successful fashionable doctor may weed his poorer patients out from time to time, and finally use the College of Physicians to place it out of his own power to accept low fees; but the ordinary general practitioner never makes out his bills without considering the taxable capacity of his patients. – The Doctor's Dilemma: Preface on Doctors by George Bernard Shaw
  2. The natural result was that, in default of Home Rule, all parties in Ireland embraced Sir David Barbour's insidiously attractive reservation, and have ever since fallen into the habit of regarding additional expenditure on Ireland, not only on its merits, but as a set- off to excessive taxation and as something having no relation whatever to the taxable resources of the country. – The Framework of Home Rule by Erskine Childers
  3. Upon all taxable income above a certain minimum there is then levied a flat rate, constituting a " normal" tax. – Problems in American Democracy by Thames Ross Williamson