Part of speech: verb

A counterpart.

Part of speech: verb

To score; register.

Part of speech: verb

To agree precisely.

Part of speech: verb

To keep tally.

Part of speech: noun

A piece of wood on which notches are cut; any score; reckoning; account.

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Usage examples "tally":

  1. Why not have it understood that the tally beyond- well, say fifty, is a gross impertinence? - "From the Easy Chair, series 2", George William Curtis.
  2. We fought at pistol- shot range all day, and came out of the struggle with a tally of thirty- three men killed and wounded, and with only eighteen horses alive- all of them wounded but one. - "Recollections of a Varied Life", George Cary Eggleston.
  3. Her description, carelessly given, might tally nearly enough with my own, though she bore no shadow of resemblance to me, except in these two particulars. - "Lady Audley's Secret", Mary Elizabeth Braddon.