Part of speech: verb

To bind or wrap, as in bandages.

Part of speech: noun

A bandage for swathing.

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Usage examples "swathe":

  1. If Amarna can swathe her distinguished features, so can I. Then she won't know I'm a twin. - "Grace Harlowe's Golden Summer", Jessie Graham Flower.
  2. Purcell went over to him and saw the wide swathe cut through the forest and curving out of sight. - "A World Called Crimson", Darius John Granger.
  3. Only one of them- the poet before mentioned- had ever expressed any desire to return and revisit- The shining levels and the dazzled wave Emerging from his covert, errant long, In solitude descending by a vale Lost between uplands, where the harvesters Pause in the swathe, shading their eyes to watch Some barge or schooner stealing up from sea; Themselves in sunset, she a twilit ghost Parting the twilit woods . - "Wandering Heath", Sir Arthur Thomas Quiller-Couch.