Part of speech: noun

A line of cut grass, as left by a scythe.

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Usage examples "swath":

  1. When a cyclone cut a swath through one of our suburbs, I rushed half- a- dozen photographs to Leslie's, feeling again some of the same thrilling sort of confidence that had accompanied the first Irresistible Wedge. - "If You Don't Write Fiction", Charles Phelps Cushing.
  2. As he approached the group of older men it took him only a second to see where he was needed and he thrust his pitchfork into the swath at his feet with a swing of easy grace. - "Ted and the Telephone", Sara Ware Bassett.
  3. Across the marsh the old tramped road held up the horses, and the plow swept clear a little wider swath. - "The Blazed Trail", Stewart Edward White.