Part of speech: noun

One who or that which suspends; one of a pair of straps for supporting the trousers.

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Usage examples "suspender":

  1. Uncle William hitched up his suspender and came leisurely across the sand. - "Uncle William The Man Who Was Shif'less", Jennette Lee.
  2. After some two or three hours of dancing, however, she began to grow weary; and when something went wrong temporarily with the suspender which held up one of her stockings, she was glad enough to come to rest in the supper- room. - "Burning Sands", Arthur Weigall.
  3. On one hill- side a man was at work with a hoe, and on the other, over the spur, a boy- both barefooted, and both in patched jean trousers upheld by a single suspender that made a wet line over a sweaty cotton shirt: the man, tall, lean, swarthy, grim; the boy grim and dark, too, and with a face that was prematurely aged. - "The Heart Of The Hills", John Fox, Jr..