Part of speech: verb

To make additions to.

Part of speech: noun

Something added; an addition to a book.

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Usage examples "supplement":

  1. The Canon of Distributed Middle is a sort of counter- relative supplement to the Dictum de Omni. - "Logic, Inductive and Deductive", William Minto.
  2. " The wine I have already consumed at your hospitable board," said the king, " is the best that ever ran down a thirsty man's throat; but if I supplement it with so generous and instant an addition, I fear my legs will refuse their service, even if my head retain sense enough to give the command." - "A Prince of Good Fellows", Robert Barr.
  3. Arten was not enlightened in his profession as cook, and I was trying to supplement his deficiencies by the light of nature, for Arten did not seem to have that sort of light. - "By Desert Ways to Baghdad", Louisa Jebb.