Part of speech: noun

A superintendent; inspector.

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Usage examples "supervisor":

  1. They have always been; the industry is one that has existed since the Burgundian dukes tore holes in their magnificent tapestries by dragging them over the face of Europe, and since Henry the Eighth, in eager imitation of the continentals, established in the royal household a supervisor of tapestry repairs. - "The Tapestry Book", Helen Churchill Candee.
  2. If your class president is elected by a majority of the class, or a county supervisor by a majority of the voters of the county, to what extent is it the duty of this officer to consider the interests of the minority which voted against him? - "Community Civics and Rural Life", Arthur W. Dunn.
  3. However, the Supervisor told me to start right out, to get an idea of how much timber had been cut, and in what kind of shape the ground had been left, and in short, to 'nose around a little, ' as he put it himself. - "The Boy With the U. S. Foresters", Francis Rolt-Wheeler.