Part of speech: noun

An agent sent by owners of goods in charge of a cargo.

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Usage examples "supercargo":

  1. Ask him who is here- our supercargo- if I lie. - "By Reef and Palm", Louis Becke.
  2. The supercargo took a step nearer to him with a savage glare in his blue eyes. - "By Reef and Palm", Louis Becke.
  3. Three several times Tripoli was attacked, and, at last, on the 3d of June, 1805, entered into a treaty, by which it was stipulated that the United States should pay sixty thousand dollars for the freedom of two hundred American slaves; and that, in the event of future war between the two countries, prisoners should not be reduced to slavery, but should be exchanged rank for rank; and if there were any deficiency on either side, it should be made up by the payment of five hundred Spanish dollars for each captain, three hundred dollars for each mate and supercargo, and one hundred dollars for each seaman. - "White Slavery in the Barbary States", Charles Sumner.