Part of speech: verb

To affect, or be affected, with sunburn.

Part of speech: noun

Discoloration or inflammation of the skin, produced by exposure to the sun.

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Usage examples "sunburn":

  1. " Annie, you look just the same," remarked the Major; " only you are grown, and the sunburn has worn off and left you as fair as a lily. - "Nine Little Goslings", Susan Coolidge.
  2. He was noticeable amid the group, being cleaner than the rest, fair- haired, and dressed like a sailor ashore, though he lacked the sunburn that was proper to the character. - "The Hole in the Wall", Arthur Morrison.
  3. The yellow represents the olive tint of the Mediterranean population, the red denotes the effects of sunburn. - "Patriarchal Palestine", Archibald Henry Sayce.