What does the word sultana mean?

Usage examples for sultana

  1. The Sultana's Dream That night the Sultana had a strange dream, in which the figure of a man appeared before her, saying: " There is within the Empire of Serbia a vast plain Kossovo; in that plain there is a city Prilip; and in that city dwells the Royal Prince Marko who is known among all men as a truly great hero." – Hero Tales and Legends of the Serbians by Woislav M. Petrovitch
  2. Will you not find in my garden those flowers which the Sultana Valideh presents to the greatest of Emperors on his birthday, and which in a week's time the Sultan gives in marriage to those of his favourite Pashas whom he delights to honour? – The Slaves of the Padishah by Mór Jókai
  3. So long as the Margrave remained in Paris, the deceived sultana, by a great effort of will, succeeded " in concealing beneath a countenance always calm, and sometimes laughing, the rending tortures of mind and body." – Queens of the French Stage by H. Noel Williams