Part of speech: verb

To tarnish; stain.

Part of speech: noun

A stain; spot; blemish.

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Usage examples "sully":

  1. All is well, from the west, until the Arc du Carrousel; it is the Gambetta and the Pavilion Sully that throw it out. - "A Wanderer in Paris", E. V. Lucas.
  2. After the Advocate- General had spoken, the Keeper of the Seals mounted to the King, with the opinions of the Princes of the Blood; then came to the Duc de Sully and me. - "The Memoirs of Louis XIV., Volume 12 And His Court and of The Regency", Duc de Saint-Simon.
  3. Now for the last time hear me: I have striven not to tell you this; I have striven not to sully your thoughts by such a revelation; but, since nothing else will check you, tell it I must, and what I tell you my husband told me in sacred confidence, though soon enough it will be a scandal to the whole garrison. - "The Deserter", Charles King.