Part of speech: noun

A woman who advocates the right of women to vote.

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Usage examples "suffragette":

  1. It was a compensating mercy that they disagreed rather more among themselves than they did with the outside world; every known variety and shade of religion and politics had been pressed into the family service to avoid the possibility of any agreement on the larger essentials of life, and such unlooked- for happenings as the Home Rule schism, the Tariff- Reform upheaval and the Suffragette crusade were thankfully seized on as furnishing occasion for further differences and sub- divisions. - "The Unbearable Bassington", Saki.
  2. She should have stayed home and been a suffragette. - "The Bronze Bell", Louis Joseph Vance.
  3. The wind is a suffragette, a woman of determined grievance, who would be better of bit and bridle and possibly of gag. - "Seeds of Pine", Janey Canuck.