Part of speech: adjective

Tending to subvert; destructive.

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Usage examples "subversive":

  1. His adjutant- general wrote as follows to the discontented officers: " The Major- General Commanding desires me to say that the within combined protest is in violation of army regulations and subversive of military discipline. - "Stonewall Jackson And The American Civil War", G. F. R. Henderson.
  2. Nothing could be more really subversive of the foundations on which the old European order rested; and it may be remarked that no persons are so radically detached from this order, no persons so thoroughly modern, as those who have felt Goethe's influence most deeply. - "Selections from the Prose Works of Matthew Arnold", Matthew Arnold.
  3. Of great importance to our nation's security is a continuing alertness to internal subversive activity within or without our government. - "Complete State of the Union Addresses from 1790 to the Present", Various.