Part of speech: verb

To serve subordinately; minister to; help on.

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Usage examples "subserve":

  1. The whole content of Ethics is that the Ego must subserve the Subject. - "Christian Mysticism", William Ralph Inge.
  2. Does any body suppose that if it were a national interest that these vast corporations were seeking to subserve, that there is any legislature on this continent that could not be crushed or bought out by this despot, compared with which even slavery itself were a small danger. - "Monopolies and the People", D. C. Cloud.
  3. It would be even finer than it is, were not the Florentine pietra serena of the stonework so repellent in its ashen dulness, the plaster so white, and the false architectural system so painfully defrauded of the plastic forms for which it was intended to subserve as setting. - "The Life of Michelangelo Buonarroti", John Addington Symonds.