Part of speech: verb

To let to a subordinate; underlet.

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Usage examples "sublet":

  1. The other, a bedroom eight feet square, he sublet to a second tailor and his wife; which couple, following his example as their opportunities allowed, divided the bedroom in two by hanging a curtain in the middle, took one- half for themselves and let the other half to still another tailor with a wife and child. - "The Children of the Poor", Jacob A. Riis.
  2. But, two years later, in letting a portion of his property, Napier introduced the condition that his tenant should never sublet it to any person of the name of Logan! - "James VI and the Gowrie Mystery", Andrew Lang.
  3. His mail contracts were so large that he sublet many of the routes, and he was always in debt to sub- contractors. - "Reminiscences of Sixty Years in Public Affairs, Vol. 1", George Boutwell.