Part of speech: verb

To divide a part of; divide again.

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Usage examples "subdivide":

  1. Vavasours subdivide again to vassals, exchanging land and cattle, human or otherwise, against fealty, and so the iron chain of a military hierarchy, forged of mutually interdependent links, is stretched over each little province. - "Project Gutenberg History of The Netherlands, 1555-1623, Complete", John Lothrop Motley.
  2. But it rarely happens that any one work requires the use of all these divisions; and we often assume some natural distinction and order of parts, naming each as we find it; and also subdivide into articles, verses, cantoes, stanzas, and other portions, as the nature of the subject suggests. - "The Grammar of English Grammars", Goold Brown.
  3. The government sells no smaller piece than a field of twenty- five acres, but purchasers can buy in partnership and afterwards subdivide it. - "Modern India", William Eleroy Curtis.