Part of speech: adjective

Smooth and pleasant in manner; bland.

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Usage examples "suave":

  1. One summer's day, the heat of the areas arose and filled the open window, and Dempsey's somnolescent senses were moved by a soft and suave perfume. - "The Untilled Field", George Moore.
  2. Turning a little abruptly towards that dry suave voice, and recovering the self- possession which seldom deserted him, Harbinger murmured: " Quite so, sir; of course!" - "The Patrician", John Galsworthy.
  3. If anything had occurred during the journey to suggest to Harley that Sir Charles was indeed under observation by a hidden enemy, the suave British security and prosperity of his residence must have destroyed the impression. - "Fire-Tongue", Sax Rohmer.