Part of speech: noun

A mere youth.

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Usage examples "stripling":

  1. Perhaps that young American company officer would have explained, diplomatically, that the word of command had been for his men to give the Eyes Right to that British subaltern who was passing with the leave- men; a white- faced, hollow- eyed stripling with two gold stripes on his cuff and the black " flash" of the Royal Welsh Fusiliers fluttering at his nape. - "The Disturbing Charm", Berta Ruck.
  2. No matter how vivid Allison's raiment had been, Caleb remembered that even when Dexter was a stripling at school, it had always seemed more a part of the man himself, than just protection for his body. - "Then I'll Come Back to You", Larry Evans.
  3. I like a good debate; and, when a stripling, used sometimes to be stifled in the Gallery, or enjoy the easier privileges of a member's son. - "The Young Duke", Benjamin Disraeli.