Part of speech: verb

To stretch the legs widely apart; sit or mount astride.

Part of speech: noun

A straddling position or movement.

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Usage examples "straddle":

  1. During his practice the beginner will undoubtedly bend his knees, but after he has reached that point of excellence where his whole mind need not be centered on his feet, he may learn gradually to straighten his legs until at last he can do the spread eagle forward and backward without looking like a straddle bug. - "Healthful Sports for Boys", Alfred Rochefort.
  2. This horse comes from Kentucky, and so do I; her name will stay Dixie as long as I straddle her, and I propose to straddle her until one of us dies, or,- he smiled and nodded across the river- somebody over there gets her who won't object to her name as much as you do. - "The Little Shepherd of Kingdom Come", John Fox.
  3. Yegor Alexyevitch had to throw back his head, to straddle his legs like an inverted V, first lift up his arms, then let them fall. - "The Wife and Other Stories", Anton Chekhov.