Part of speech: noun

One who steers a boat.

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Usage examples "steersman":

  1. The powerful current rushed by so rapidly, that the little Ghita had hard work to make any headway, and the " snags," or huge pieces of timber, that whirled past us, gave the steersman plenty of work in keeping the launch clear of them. - "On the Equator", Harry de Windt.
  2. The steersman, a man with a reddish beard of recent growth, waved his hand to them. - "Smoke Bellew", Jack London.
  3. Now we were close upon him; now, in obedience to the steersman, the boat sheered out a bit and we were abreast 25 of his laboring flukes; now the mate hurls his quivering lance with such hearty good will that every inch of its slender shaft disappears within the huge body. - "Story Hour Readings: Seventh Year", E.C. Hartwell.