What does the word steersman mean?

Usage examples for steersman

  1. The powerful current rushed by so rapidly, that the little Ghita had hard work to make any headway, and the " snags," or huge pieces of timber, that whirled past us, gave the steersman plenty of work in keeping the launch clear of them. – On the Equator by Harry de Windt
  2. The steersman, a man with a reddish beard of recent growth, waved his hand to them. – Smoke Bellew by Jack London
  3. Now we were close upon him; now, in obedience to the steersman, the boat sheered out a bit and we were abreast 25 of his laboring flukes; now the mate hurls his quivering lance with such hearty good will that every inch of its slender shaft disappears within the huge body. – Story Hour Readings: Seventh Year by E.C. Hartwell