Part of speech: noun

A race on horseback across country.

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Usage examples "steeplechase":

  1. He goes out, in a skiff, or a pair, or a four- oar, or to a steeplechase through the hedges when Oxford, as in our illustration, is under water. - "Oxford", Lang, Andrew.
  2. " I had rather you didn't," said his father; " anyhow, your friend Saunders must find you a horse for I am not going to have one of mine spoilt again, and your own pony would make but a poor figure in a steeplechase." - "Amos Huntingdon", T.P. Wilson.
  3. But if I were a contractor, and you were trying to get me to commit myself to any such steeplechase, I should say no, and confirm it with a cuss- word. - "Empire Builders", Francis Lynde.