What does the word statutory mean?

Usage examples for statutory

  1. The Federal Constitution provides for uniformity in statutory control, so far as interstate commerce is concerned, but it does not touch commerce within the states, nor, as at present interpreted, does it cover the organization of railroad corporations or the construction of railroad properties. – Contemporary American History, 1877-1913 by Charles A. Beard
  2. Now the Free Church- whether she land herself into an agitation for a scheme of Government grants rendered more liberal and flexible than now, and dissociated from the religious certificate, or whether she plant her foot on a scheme of national education based on a statutory recognition of the pedagogical teaching of religion- is certainly in no condition to burn her ships. – Leading Articles on Various Subjects by Hugh Miller
  3. A singular conversation gave to this limited creation, this statutory intelligence, an identity sufficient for practical convenience. – Real Ghost Stories by William T. Stead