Part of speech: adjective

Large and strong; of a sturdy build; muscular; brawny.

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Usage examples "stalwart":

  1. His warriors were stalwart men, armed well, and they had no fear of any foe, lighting a fire in the open, warming their deer meat and making bread of their corn meal. - "The Hunters of the Hills", Joseph Altsheler.
  2. I bore with me my child; I was set upon by hired ruffians, and in the defence of that child- by the aid of another stalwart arm- I resisted them, slew some, drove some away, disarmed others. - "In the Day of Adversity", John Bloundelle-Burton.
  3. The leading man at once stepped forward, the others following, and in a few moments six stalwart natives, armed with assegais and shields, were looking curiously at the small party of whites. - "The Golden Rock", Ernest Glanville.