Part of speech: verb

To make or be cross eyed.

Part of speech: verb

To look with half closed eyes, or with a side glance.

Part of speech: adjective

Having a squint; looking obliquely.

Part of speech: noun

The act of squinting.

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Usage examples "squint":

  1. After noting again the steady, serene eyes, narrowed always with a slight squint; the firm straight lips, the well set jaws, Hollis mentally decided that the Secretary of the Interior could not have made a better choice. - "The Coming of the Law", Charles Alden Seltzer.
  2. When this is finished the boy's eye runs along the stick with a calculating squint. - "Composition-Rhetoric", Stratton D. Brooks.
  3. But the little girl continued to squint against the sun until, in descending into a draw, the black haze behind was lost to view. - "The Biography of a Prairie Girl", Eleanor Gates.