Part of speech: noun

A mild lampoon; pithy paragraph.

Part of speech: noun

A tube filled with gunpowder.

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Usage examples "squib":

  1. When I read the squib, I little imagined I should ever visit Mourzuk, and yet the visit could be traced readily enough as resulting from my anti- slavery labours in Malta and the Mediterranean. - "Travels in the Great Desert of Sahara, in the Years of 1845 and 1846", James Richardson.
  2. " If you really think so, monsieur," said the beauty, " lend me the squib which was written against the Messieurs de Guise; I know it was lent to you." - "Catherine de' Medici", Honore de Balzac.
  3. You've kicked th' dynamite, all right- you'll smell th' smoke of yore little squib clean down to yore ranch house! - "Hopalong Cassidy", Clarence E. Mulford.