What does the word spruce mean?

    Part of speech: noun

  • Spruceness.

  • Part of speech: adverb

  • Sprucely.

  • Part of speech: verb transitive, verb intransitive

  • To make oneself spruce.

  • Part of speech: adjective

  • Having a smart, trim appearance.

  • Part of speech: noun

  • A cone bearing evergreen tree also, its wood.

  • Part of speech: noun

  • Sprucefir.

Usage examples for spruce

  1. No; we'll be upon the spruce- tops; the water will run under us. – A Man and a Woman by Stanley Waterloo
  2. Spruce boughs, with a spread blanket on top, gave a foundation for rest and cooking operations. – Smoke Bellew by Jack London
  3. My order for spruce boards was to be enlarged by twenty per cent by the old man's direction, and this, as it happened, led to a new arrangement of my piles of lumber on my vacant land. – The-Brick-Moon-and-Other-Stories by Hale, Edward Everett