Part of speech: verb

To speak hastily and confusedly.

Part of speech: noun

A spluttering sound or utterance.

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Usage examples "splutter":

  1. Backward it fell as we dashed by, and then the sound of a splash and splutter reached us as we disappeared in the darkness. - "Across Asia on a Bicycle", Thomas Gaskell Allen and William Lewis Sachtleben.
  2. A man floundered near me, in a splutter of phosphorescence. - "Dead Men Tell No Tales", E. W. Hornung.
  3. This the northeast, was over- ready to do, and in answer to his whim a leaden, inky pall now lay over Thanet, whilst the gale continued its mighty, wanton frolic, lashing the sleet against the tiny window- panes of the cottage, or sending it down the chimneys, upon the burning logs below, causing them to splutter and to hiss ere they changed their glow to black and smoking embers. - "The Nest of the Sparrowhawk", Baroness Orczy.