Part of speech: adjective

Causing or tending to produce sleep. soporiferous.

Part of speech: noun

A medicine that produces deep sleep.

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Usage examples "soporific":

  1. Soon the soft night air of June was too strong a soporific for Remember's desire to keep awake and hear the catamounts scream, as he had heard they did in those woods. - "Hillsboro People", Dorothy Canfield.
  2. With one hand he pointed to a large glass on the table beside him, still half full of a soporific mixture with which he moistened his lips each time he woke; with the other hand he wiped the perspiration from his face. - "The Secret of the Night", Gaston Leroux.
  3. Your remark about amorous sport being a soporific if performed regularly and without excitement made me double up with laughter. - "An Anarchist Woman", Hutchins Hapgood.