Part of speech: noun

An instrumental composition, in three or four movements.

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Usage examples "sonata":

  1. The whole of the twelfth sonata of the second opera of Corelli is a Chacone." - "The Works Of John Dryden, Vol. 7 (of 18) The Duke of Guise; Albion and Albanius; Don Sebastian", John Dryden.
  2. With the more complex, classical types of the musical organism Chopin had little sympathy, but he contrived nevertheless to write two movements of a piano sonata that are excellent- the first half of the B flat minor Sonata. - "Chopin: The Man and His Music", James Huneker.
  3. After a song or so and the execution of a Beethoven sonata, to which no one paid any attention, a young lady gave a dance after the manner of Maud Allan, to which everyone attended. - "Red Money", Fergus Hume.