What does the word solidarity mean?

Usage examples for solidarity

  1. One of the main results, then, of recent discovery in the East has been to teach us the solidarity of ancient Oriental history, and the impossibility of forming a correct judgment in regard to any one part of it without reference to the rest. – Early Israel and the Surrounding Nations by Archibald Sayce
  2. At present business is the only human solidarity; we are all bound together with that chain, whatever interests and tastes and principles separate us, and I feel quite sure that in writing of the Man of Letters as a Man of Business, I shall attract far more readers than I should in writing of him as an Artist. – The Man of Letters as a Man of Business by William Dean Howells
  3. Their short talk- the first really intimate exchange of words between them- had the effect of creating a sense of solidarity that grew apace in the atmosphere of the Lynbrook dinner- table. – The Fruit of the Tree by Edith Wharton