Part of speech: verb

To join, as two metallic substances, by solder; unite; repair.

Part of speech: noun

A fusible alloy used for joining metals.

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Usage examples "solder":

  1. They were always doing that; beating the tin sheets into place and stopping to solder them. - "Out of the Air", Inez Haynes Irwin.
  2. In a fracture of a long bone, that which surrounds the fragments is called the external or ensheathing callus, and may be likened to the mass of solder which surrounds the junction of pipes in plumber- work; that which occupies the position of the medullary canal is called the internal or medullary callus; and that which intervenes between the fragments and maintains the continuity of the cortical compact tissue of the shaft is called the intermediate callus. - "Manual of Surgery Volume Second: Extremities--Head--Neck. Sixth Edition.", Alexander Miles Alexis Thomson.
  3. The bees solder the covering to the sides of the cell by a cordon of wax. - "New observations on the natural history of bees", Francis Huber.