Part of speech: noun

An evening social party.

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Usage examples "soiree":

  1. " Oh, mademoiselle," he stammered out, " I- I cannot appear at this soiree because- you will see how prosaic my reason is- the fact is, I have not a dress- coat." - "Bijou", Gyp.
  2. He was only human, this young hero who had sacrificed so much for love; and there were times, after some brilliant fete or soiree, when the remembrance of home, Dora, hard work, narrow means, would come to him like a heavy weight or the shadow of a dark cloud. - "Dora Thorne", Charlotte M. Braeme.
  3. Anyhow, the deputation of distinguished geologists and mineralogists from Paris and Berlin were there in the most magnificent and appropriate dress, for there are no men who like wearing their decorations so much as the men of science- as anybody knows who has ever been to a soiree of the Royal Society. - "The Wisdom of Father Brown", G. K. Chesterton.