Part of speech: noun


Part of speech: adjective

Sharp spoken; disposed to snap, as a dog.

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Usage examples "snappish":

  1. I think he felt snappish and thought he would relieve his feelings that way. - "Love and Lucy", Maurice Henry Hewlett.
  2. But there were several other things that Mrs. Jessop did not understand- for instance, why the doctor for the next few weeks lost his appetite so completely, was so " snappish and short," and seemed to care for nothing but the newspaper; and she was quite scandalized when he actually spent a whole day, as she, by dint of judiciously " pumping" Patrick, contrived to ascertain, in attending the trial of those " horrid wretches of dynamitards," where he heard the case, and heard the sentence of five years' penal servitude passed upon a gray- haired man with a scar upon his cheek. - "A Bachelor's Dream", Mrs. Hungerford.
  3. The subject was treated with indifference; and in the course of a few days, after both Dr. Winkelman and Nim Porter had returned home, when the Thorough Blue Whole Team put forth a paragraph inquiring after the Tigertail Embassy, the Whole Hog came out with a petulant and snappish reply, affirming that the report of such a mission was a mere Whig lie, coined with a view to political effect, and uttered in the Whole Team simply because " that mendacious and filthy sheet delighted to revel in falsehood, and had never been known to stumble upon the truth, even by accident." - "Quodlibet", John P. Kennedy.